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Consider us your transformational match-makers. Just like dating, different transformational work appeals to different people. The toughest part is sifting through everything out there to find your perfect match. We have decades of expansion work, a plethora of teachers, programs, and modalities for you to discover, try on, and receive. 
Tolerating life is now the norm. We believe that life is meant to be juicy and fun. This is why The Collective exists, to share transformational work with everyone on the planet.

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While the use of the word transformation” is very common for any type of “work” that helps you transform your life - it’s actually more accurate to say that we are removing any obstacles of conditioning and stripping away the veils of misperception of who we are in order to remember the Truth with a capital “T.” If you have ever done A Course in Miracles or any non-duality work like  the Advaita Vedanta you know already we are already whole, perfect and complete and we have just “forgotten.” You may know this on an intellectual level but not have it embodied. Maybe you get glimpses and hints of the Infinite Presence you are through the work of Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, or your meditation practice but you can’t “maintain” it.  Even if this seems impossible for you to believe, it doesn’t matter. Doing expansion or transformational work whether it be somatic, breathwork, a Divine Feminine journey, Mind/Body medicine, Landmark, or any other modality can uplift you and help you live a life of joy, connection, and fulfillment.

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 Every Friday we have a conversation with a different mentor, coach, practitioner, or leader where they share with us (and all of you) the programs, communities, and offerings they have created. We have a range of topics - from Breathwork to Men’s Circles, to Impact and Money to Relationships. Even if you think the Friday conversation doesn’t pertain to you, there are always nuggets of wisdom to be gleaned. We promise there will be something for everyone. 

Catch us live on Facebook or watch the replays here.

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