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Dana Ullerich has been committed to your growth and expansion since she began her own transformational journey over 10 years ago.  A mother of 3 and a successful career woman, Dana had it “all” by society standards and still felt shut down and disconnected.  Dana embarked on doing deeply transformational work for herself, including being a regular participant in Women’s council, Landmark Worldwide, plant medicine work, the Onsite Living Center Program, and Joe Dispenza’s workshops.  She began her own journey to reclaim her true self and discovered more than she dreamt was possible. It was through her own awakening that she realized she wanted to share the opportunity for others to discover freedom for themselves.

A natural-born leader, Dana has coached and led several transformational programs.  She also created and leads the “Dream Big” Committee for Highland Hall Waldorf school. 

Through all of her expansion work, Dana has become a passionate stand for everyone to live as their fullest, most expressed, and heart-connected selves. Her desire is that transformation work is accessible, available to everyone, and something everyone engages in as part of their everyday lives so that the world is a more joyous place for all.


Jodi Targon is a space holder and torchbearer for transformation.  With a Bachelor’s degree from U.C.S.B. and a Master's in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute, Jodi has always been fascinated by people’s stories and what makes them “tick.” A wife, mother of 3, writer, coach, and women’s circle facilitator, Jodi has spent the majority of her adult life doing her own expansion work to heal from personal Traumas and to make a stand for her own and other women to break free of societal constraints and live fully expressed. She is attuned to teach Femme! a primal somatic dance practice that assists people in moving emotion through the body using drums. Jodi has led “Moon circles” for young teens as a rite of passage to help them learn to understand and appreciate their monthly periods and to nurture themselves according to their cycles. In the past, she has been particularly drawn to work that uses pleasure and embodiment to help women integrate their shadows and remember their Wholeness. As time has evolved, she has expanded her transformational work into Nondualism, Somatic work, Breathwork, EFT, Mind/Body healing, and many other modalities. A natural “connector” Jodi loves assisting others in discovering the right transformational work match that can assist them right where they are at the moment. Her desire is that everyone on the planet remembers the truth of who they truly are - whole, perfect, and complete so they can live fully expressed in love, joy, and peace.

Meet Dana & Jodi: Team

We know that every person is already whole and complete. While outer circumstances may give one the perception that healing work is necessary, we believe that true transformation is actually releasing all that stands in the way of us being fully expressed as the Truth of who we are. We believe that life is meant to be lived from flow and freedom. By that, we mean to feel all we feel and be who we really are without the judgments and stories that keep us stuck.

Life is about thriving on all levels. It is not something to be endured or to get through with just small pockets of happiness. No one should have to work a job they hate or be alone or be in disconnected relationships. In order to live the life we desire, the changes do not actually need to occur in the circumstances. Quitting your job or getting a divorce is not necessarily the answer. It may ultimately be the decision you make but you won’t know until you look inward and take full responsibility for the life you are living. Not in a self-blame way but in a Truth way.

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